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Mirador Valle del General Restaurant, Hotel & Canopy is a great destination for nature lovers. We offer trails in the cloud forest and excellent birding opportunities for those who enjoy birdwatching, where birds such as the Red-headed Barbet, the Violet Sabrewing, and the Scaled Antpitta can be easily observed. Great numbers of tanagers, and mixed flocks with wrens, woodcreepers, warblers and vireos can be found all the time when you walk through the forest trails.

From Mirador Valle del General you can also visit some other nature reserves in nearby areas such Las Quebradas Biological Reserve and Los Cusingos Bird Sanctuary. You can take the Tirrá Road Tour as well.

We have a gorgeous orchid collection for guests to enjoy. Our souvenir shop offers you the chance to buy locally made handicrafts of all sorts.
Our Zip line can also help you live a wonderful experience through different parts of the cloud forest.

Canopy Valle del General – Zip lines

¡Live and feel the adventure and adrenaline!

Tirrá Road – birding package

An incredible Birding Experience, ideal for all nature lovers

Corcovado National Park

Visit Corcovado National Park

Quetzal’s Tour

An incredible birding experience, ideal for all nature lovers who look forward to meeting the Quetzal.

Whales and Dolphins Tour

Whales and Dolphins Tour

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